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Complex is OUT, Simple is IN

  • Build wealth like the Rich and feel GREAT while you do it
  • The "system" grows WITH you as you personalize the percentages for each jar
  • The 3-bank account system takes only MINUTES to use
  • Experience living like the Rich WHILE you build wealth
  • System calculates all your percentages, NO need for a Math degree
  • Quickly and Easily add or deduct from Jars
  • You will be encouraged every time you see your Jars with a printout for each Jar
  • No more opening passbooks or check registers, our "system" shows your totals instantaneously
  • Customized LTSS puts you in charge
  • No more guessing about each account, get a full detailed report on money in and out
  • You'll experience FREEDOM, not bondage with this "system"
  • Learn to Reward yourself for your hard work, instead of squandering your money

Rich people Manage their money well...
Poor people misManage their money well!

-Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door

and taught in Wealth File # 14 from the "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker

The Rich manage their money well using a "System". The Jars system as taught at the Millionaire Mind Intensive weekends is simply "BRILLIANT" and can be implemented by anyone. If you've NOT implemented the Jars System, now you can without any need to open EXTRA checking or savings accounts.

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Let myMoneyJars.com simplify your life, AND help you manage your money well, putting you on the road to Financial Freedom.

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