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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't put ALL of my paycheck into the Jars, will the system still work for me? A: Yes, it teaches you the "Habit" of dividing your money up so that you start to learn and tap into the "etherial realm" that you are responsible with what you have. If you have to, start with just $10/month, the important thing is to START!

Q: Living on 55% for my Necessities is impossible right now, what should I do to make the Jars system work for me? A: You have a couple of choices, 1) Simplify your life and find out where you are spending that you can cut back on or 2) Earn extra income. I'd start by Simplifying while you learn a way to make more money.

Q: Is the Education Jar for my children's education? A: NO! The Education Jar is for YOUR education, whether that be a course at a local college, a class at a trade school, books or tapes/cds/mp3s from your favorite Mentor such as T. Harv Eker, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, etc. Remember, if you're not moving forward, you're drifting backwards and that's No way to reach your financial goals.

Q: Why do I have to spend ALL of the Play Jar every month? A: Spending ALL of the money you set aside for your Play Jar is critical for a couple of reasons. 1) You NEED to be rewarded for all your hard work, and by making a rule that you spend all of your Play Jar forces you to reward yourself. 2) It also should be spent on things that are Lavish, i.e. spending $300 on a day at the spa getting a full body massage (yes, even for the guys), or taking a limosine out to dinner instead of driving yourself, renting a Ferrari or other exotic car for a day (just think of all the gossip that would cause if you drove that to work one day). Whatever you spend it on, REALLY enjoy it, YOU do deserve it and you shouldn't feel one bit guilty about it, you're the one working so hard.

Q: How often do I update my Jars? A: I'd update them as soon as you get paid and then as you spend money from an account you can update it then or wait until the end of the month to update all the accounts and then print out the new totals.

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